Creative Directors are conceptual thinkers with outcomes in mind. They formulate innovative concepts, then lead and inspire teams to execute them. 


Where:  The focus for G-POC business expansion is both Australian and international opportunities, particularly within key Asian markets that reflect a strong momentum in creativity and design.

What: Standout projects and major public works in either area of:

Creative industries - Architecture, design, fashion, the Arts 

Engineering - technology and innovation.

How:  The role of Creative Director manifests in 3 specific ways:

Being both connected and a connector: ‘Matchmaking’ within extensive network of contacts to align needs to abilities or products. 

Acting as a specialised consultant: Sharing expertise by directing rather than doing. 

Collaborator and co-creator: Helping to define and then translate vision into reality

Why:  Professionally the goal is to continue to be sought out for the quality and impact of the projects delivered.